Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Challenge site comming 1st June

The Next Level challenge begins 1ST June and to launch has some yummy candy - click the link to chaeck it out!!

Today's been windy but mainly dry - don't you hate it when the weather forecast was for heavy showers and the laundry basket is threatening to explode :)

Hope it stays dry for tomoz as I've a crafty shopping day planned :) with a crafty friend!



Donna said...

Would that friend be Zoe? Have fun shopping!!!

K J D said...

Hi Hampshire Lass!!!!

The weather forecast has been totally wrong all week for my part of Hampshire (Chandler's Ford - know it?) but luckily I keep ignoring it and just keep hanging out mega amounts of laundry - and it keeps drying:)

Hope you have had a fun day with your friend - crafty shopping is the best type isn't it?!


ps thanks for the info about spacer bead .....

Chris said...

Well guess we are lucky today cos the sun is splitting the sky...glorious :)
Hope you manage to get all your washing dry.
Chris xx